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china bamboo canes

china bamboo canes, including curved handles, body upright stick, rubber buffer head; curved handle and upright rod body is processed from bamboo through high-strength adhesive paste to form the curved handle, upright bamboo rod body is one, the bufferplastic caps at the bottom of the upright rod body.
bamboo is mainly distributed in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions between the Earth's latitude of 46 degrees to 47 degrees south latitude. In addition to the European continent in the world, other continents can be found in the fourth glacier after the local bamboo species.
Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Hunan, Yunnan and Sichuan have a lot of different types of bamboo distribution.
Asia-Pacific region and the Americas are also the main bamboo distribution.
The bamboo Most underground rhizomes. Section sections Budding, underground stem sections of buds germinated into underground Traverse Rhizome or bamboo pole on the ground. The buds on the pole section often form a branch of the sections. Branch leaf feeding leaves, needle-shaped, with a short handle. In some areas, clusters of bamboo, its underground stems to form a multi-section false whip, the festival has no roots and no buds, unearthed by the terminal bud stalk, whole plant plexiform growth distribution, such as Bambusa Multiplex, Ci bamboo. D. latiflorus and Bambusa. General Growth to sufficient area of water and heat conditions.
The bamboo is also the world's fastest growth of plants, some bamboo on the ground part of the hollow stem 40 cm long, fully grown height of up to 35 ─ 40 meters. Bamboo growth and fast because of its branches, sub-section, so when the other plants, only the top of the meristem in the growth of bamboo, but each section grow at the same time. However, with the bamboo continue to grow, bamboo wrapped outside sheath will fall off, the height of the bamboo to stop growing, but its internal organizational growth and enrich the still ongoing.


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