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With regulations based on centralized processing bamboo products high concentration of production sewage

from the relevant department, Anji County, bamboo products high concentration of production sewage centralized treatment Interim Measures for the Administration has promulgated and implemented, which marks the county this year, the high concentration of production of bamboo products processing enterprises sewage china bamboo canes centralized treatment work officially started.

The high concentration of production sewage bamboo and wood products in the production of cooking, bleaching and dyeing wastewater containing chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, copper sulfate, it has some toxicity, once discharged into water sources contaminated a wide range of governance difficult, seriously affecting the masses production life. Angelina County decided to launch a high concentration of production of bamboo products companies centralized sewage treatment action from the enterprise access standards, discharge, sewage bamboo poles supplier facilities design and construction, the government full control, enterprise commissioned handling made detailed requirements, at the same time urge the bamboo wood products enterprises to establish a centralized sewage treatment operations management procedures as well as water quality monitoring, Purpose of job responsibilities, accounting registration, professional training system. In addition, the county also provides enterprise of fraud, waste-water treatment Lou Pai, transfer the wastewater to avoid treatment, excessive emissions, the environmental protection department

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