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bamboo skewers manufacturer

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo skewers manufacturer,our bamboo products are sold to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Southeast of Asia, Middle East etc.Our factory founded in 1995.
Bamboo is a perennial first flowering plants, bamboo flowering is a normal natural phenomenon, is a process of the bamboo seed breeding. Ancient people in China have long observed this phenomenon in more than 2,000 years ago, "Shan Hai Jing" there: "Bamboos, flowers, and its will dry years." Records. Account of the Jin Dai Kai book "Bamboo spectrum: the drug must be 60, the complex also six years." Comment is: "bamboo six years is also easy to root, is easy to frequently strong root and dead." However, bamboo is mainly asexual reproduction each spring to grow shoots from underground Rhizome, and then develop into Hsinchu. Rhizome not its roots, but the underground stems. The underground stems can be divided into three types: uniaxial type of underground stems can continue to grow, Bud was born on both sides of the lateral buds develop into shoots; sympodial type of terminal buds develop into shoots, lateral buds to produce new underground stems, connected to form a co-axis, the underground stem culm dense clumps, giant pandas like to eat of Discovery bamboo and Chinese orange bamboo, fall into this category; In addition, there is a re-shaft type, is a hybrid of these two. Bamboo sexual reproduction is the same as other flowering plants, first flowering, seed, and the completion of the entire growth cycle.
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