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bamboo canes supplier

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo canes supplier ,We are specializing in design and manufacture bamboo&wood products ,and with experience and culture more than 18 years.
The use of bamboo:
Bamboo evergreen, widely used. In the courtyard, is an indispensable embellishment rockery waterside plant. Guilin Lijiang River next to the planting of Bambusa Multiplex has become a unique landscape. Anji Bamboo, Bamboo Sea of Yibin and southern Jiangxi Bamboo Chinese famous bamboo forest landscape.
The fast-growing bamboo, in recent years for environmental reasons, there are a lot of furniture and paper to switch to bamboo manufacturing. The bamboo can also be made crafts, and musical instruments.
The Zhuqing is cool a goal of Chinese herbal medicines. Fresh bamboo over the fire to bake to get the juice was known as Zhu Li, for the treatment of cough and phlegm. Bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots is a common food. Bamboo seeds are called bamboo rice, because it is not easy to get, so is a valuable food.
In recent years, bamboo engineering methods, physical and chemical effects made of bamboo fiber, is used as textiles, made of towels and clothing.
Bamboo through baking, made of bamboo charcoal is used in many occasions, including the removal of environmental odor, and the special flavor of food. Charcoal after pulverization and activation made of activated carbon, have a good adsorption and purification, be used in cars and homes, and sewage treatment.
Bamboo is also commonly used in the construction of scaffolding (scaffolding), as building materials and a broom (which means broom), tables, chairs and other daily necessities.
In Japan and Korea, it was used together with the sea salt, loess, similar steelmaking methods, processing into bamboo salt (or bamboo salt) as a seasoning, or even added to the personal hygiene items, bamboo salt toothpaste is among the more well-known product of. The alleged anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic anti-termite, maintaining gingival collagen to prevent the effect of receding gums and gum disease.
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