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Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo canes manufacturer,As a leader of Bamboo manufactures,we will develop more technological and high quality products for your new life.
Bamboo flowering:
Bamboo is a wild panda's main food, accounting for 99% of the total food
Whether it is China or India, have bamboo flowering will bring disaster upon the legend. China often in the past said that the "bamboo flowering, there must be a big disaster", while India also "bamboo flowering and famine," the legend.
Once the bamboo flowering, the bamboo will bloom in succession, resulting in the death of large tracts of bamboo forest, bamboo-eating animals, is bound to cause devastating damage. First when its victims is the panda.
While the number of elderly people often say "bamboo flowering, there must be a major natural disaster" is not just a superstition or a rumor, the scientists found that whenever some of the catastrophic drought in the eve of the bamboo will be large-scale bloom and wither, it is said, because bamboo is capable of sensing into the soil some variation, so the spread of seed migration to the new land suitable for, or wait for the appropriate time (after such as drought) in the same place, has also been word "Tieshukaihua".
On the other hand, bamboo meters (bamboo seeds) is also an excellent food for rodents. The scientists have calculated that, in northeast India, 50 years once the bamboo flowering cycle occurs, the number of mice will proliferate four times. A sudden increase in the rat is the village store of food to be consumed rapidly, leading to famine. Therefore, there are also claims that the famine only because of the sudden proliferation of rodents, rather than due to natural disasters.
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