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bamboo skewers supplier

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo skewers supplier,As a leader of Bamboo manufactures,we will develop more technological and high quality products for your new life.
Many types of bamboo, the total species, varieties, forms and cultivars total of more than 500 species, most of the available garden ornamental, well-known varieties are: bamboo, Bambusa Multiplex, Xiaoqin Sizhu, Bambusa, Buddha belly bamboo, HanzhuXiangfei Zhu, cold bamboo, big bamboo, Tang bamboo, Thai bamboo, large Thai bamboo, Bambusa, become the leader of bamboo, square bamboo, Sichuan Chimonobambusa, Long Abduction bamboo, car barrel bamboo, Bambusa, pink Sheets, bamboo, short spike bamboo, yellowbamboo, flower stalk Wong Chuk dragon bamboo walking stick of bamboo, the light of giant bamboo, broad-leaved Indocalamus mercury bamboo, the faces of the people of bamboo, bamboo, flowers bamboo, flowers and bamboo, black bamboo, owner, tortoiseshell bamboo, Dan Zhu, Phyllostachysbamboo, golden bamboo, tortoises bamboo, silver chain, bamboo, jade edge bamboo, tea stalk of bamboo, vector bamboo, soak bamboo, Rohan bamboo seedling bamboo feather bamboo, thorny bamboo, Philippine Wong Chuk, China Indocalamus, and bamboo and so on.
Bamboo, evergreen, upright beautiful, colorful, varied and impressive. Bambusa Multiplex, tall and graceful branches slender; the piano Sizhu inlaid with golden branches green lines; Xiangfei Zhu, branches Health piebald, Green show graceful; variegated bamboo, leaves students with gray pattern ; Zizhu, Wong Chuk, red bamboo, its branches with purple, yellow and purple, respectively; flower body bamboo green bamboo inlaid with yellow lines; Buddha belly bamboo, branches short and thick, and convex out, as if Lohan's belly. In addition, the Interfax bamboo, jade bamboo, chicken feet, bamboo, bamboo rare species.
Bamboo absorbent large amount in their houses on some bamboo can not only beautify the environment, but very cool in the summer. The ancients said: "I would rather eat meat can not live without bamboo." This shows that the bamboo with people's lives very close relationship.
In addition to viewing, bamboo or excellent building materials, bamboo shoots is a food can be made such as bamboo shoots or canned.
The underground stems of bamboo known as Rhizome, its unearthed Gou or bamboo shoots. "Compendium of Materia Medica" cited Lu Dian said: "Gou for the year within ten days outside the bamboo, so the Xun word from the late" let the growth of fast also. Shoots of the species resembles bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, whip, bamboo shoots, could be used for food. Jiangsu and Zhejiang folk moth, and bamboo shoots for medicinal "insects shoots". The tender bamboo leaves, Zhuru, bamboo astringent, both for medicinal purposes.
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