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bamboo poles manufacturer

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo poles manufacturer,our bamboo products are sold to Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, Southeast of Asia, Middle East etc.
Bamboo is a general term for Poaceae a branch of bamboo subfamily (Bambusoideae), distributed in the subtropical regions, also known as bamboo or bamboo.Low like grass, but also as high as trees. Usually by underground creeping rhizomes into pieces growth. You can also reproduce through flowering to seed. For perennials. There are some species of bamboo shoots can be eaten. Known about 150 genera and 1225 kinds.
The bamboo Most underground rhizomes. Section sections Budding, underground stem sections of buds germinated into underground Traverse Rhizome or bamboo pole on the ground. The buds on the pole section often form a branch of the sections. On a bamboo pole leaves sessile, branching leaf feeding leaves, needle-shaped, with a short handle. In some areas, clusters of bamboo, its underground stems to form a multi-section false whip, the festival has no roots and no buds, unearthed by the terminal bud stalk, whole plant plexiform growth distribution, such as Bambusa Multiplex, Ci bamboo. D. latiflorus and Bambusa. General Growth to sufficient area of water and heat conditions.
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