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bamboo poles factory

Always Bamboo Industry Co,.Ltd is a bamboo poles factory,We are specializing in design and manufacture bamboo&wood products ,and with experience and culture more than 18 years.
Many types of bamboo, the total species, varieties, forms and cultivars total of more than 500 species, most of the available garden ornamental, well-known varieties are: bamboo, Bambusa Multiplex, Xiaoqin Sizhu, Bambusa, Buddha belly bamboo, HanzhuXiangfei Zhu, cold bamboo, big bamboo, Tang bamboo, Thai bamboo, large Thai bamboo, Bambusa, become the leader of bamboo, square bamboo, Sichuan Chimonobambusa, Long Abduction bamboo, car barrel bamboo, Bambusa, pink Sheets, bamboo, short spike bamboo, yellowbamboo, flower stalk Wong Chuk dragon bamboo walking stick of bamboo, the light of giant bamboo, broad-leaved Indocalamus mercury bamboo, the faces of the people of bamboo, bamboo, flowers bamboo, flowers and bamboo, black bamboo, owner, tortoiseshell bamboo, Dan Zhu, Phyllostachysbamboo, golden bamboo, tortoises bamboo, silver chain, bamboo, jade edge bamboo, tea stalk of bamboo, vector bamboo, soak bamboo, Rohan bamboo seedling bamboo feather bamboo, thorny bamboo, Philippine Wong Chuk, China Indocalamus, and bamboo and so on.
The bamboo is also the world's fastest growth of plants, some bamboo on the part of the hollow stem 40 cm long, fully grown height of up to 35 ─ 40 meters. Bamboo growth and fast because of its branches, sub-section, so when the other plants, only the top of the meristem in the growth of bamboo, but each section grow at the same time. However, with the bamboo continue to grow, bamboo wrapped outside sheath will fall off, the height of the bamboo to stop growing, but its internal organizational growth and enrich the still ongoing.
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