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HBF-PL009(Natural Slats)

HBF-PL009(Natural Slats)Products Name:HBF-PL009(Natural Slats)
Products Description:1,HBF-PL010 is new arrival products, and 
the size is Length 1.8m (6 feet),width 
25mm,thickness 6mm (0.25 inch).
2,The other slats can be Length 1.8m 
(6 feet),width 25mm(1 inch),thickness 6mm 
(0.25 inch). Length 2.4m (8 feet),width 
45mm (1.75 inch),thickness 6mm (0.25 inch).
Length 3m (10 feet),width 45mm(1.75 inch),
thickness 6mm (0.25 inch).
3, Package: Woven bag
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