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HBF-PL001 (Dan/Hong Bamboo)

HBF-PL001 (Dan/Hong Bamboo)Products Name:HBF-PL001 (Dan/Hong Bamboo)
Products Description:1,The poles diameter from 6mm-170mm,the 
length from 0.1m to 12m, Diameter:
8-10mm, 10-12mm, 12-14mm,14-16mm, 
16-18mm, 18-20mm, 20-22mm, 24-26mm, 
27-30mm, 30-33mm, 34-39mm, 40-50mm, 
50-60mm, 60-70mm, 70-80mm, 80-100mm, 
100-120mm, 120-140mm, 140-160mm,160-180mm 
All Poles can be customized by clients.
2, Treating process: boiling and 
degreasing, drying, cutting, straightening, 
antisepsis, anti-mildew and fumigation;
3, The poles can be died into any colors.
4,Packing: Bulks or woven bags.
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